How is it possible for civilized human beings to believe they're chickens laying square eggs? Why do people willingly submit themselves to gyrating
their hips in time to the music in an hilarious impersonation of Mick Jagger?

Shane St James is a master of the power of suggestion. In fact he's been practicing the art of mass suggestion on a very wide scale for many years. And when Shane suggests... people comply!

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Shane St james Animation

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With World renowned hypnotist, Martin St James as a father,
it was always
on the cards that
Shane St James would follow him into
the spotlight!



Shane St James has some of the NICEST audiences!... Here is an e mail comment from a subject who was on stage at a show in Brisbane recently....  " Thank You for the great show!, our whole group is so glad we went, I volunteered, shamefully crawled accross the table and also hid under my car when the police came! but I have to say it was a lot of fun.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show Shane and I cant tell you enough how respectful you are to your volunteers.  We cant wait to see you at the next show!"  Loranda Colella, QLD.


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